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Our company

Amberside Energy are commercially driven asset optimisers, supporting investors in buying, selling and managing renewable energy assets. Entrepreneurial project developers in our own right, we focus on how assets work and the commercial impact of each moving part, leaning on the experience of having built energy generation systems from residential to utility scale since 2009. Technology and application agnostic, Amberside Energy considers each asset on its own merits and looks for the positive and potential negative value of each individual element of the build. Amberside brings a powerful mix of skills to assist investors in realising every drop of income from their portfolio:

Military electronic engineering
Financial management
Modelling & analytics
Electrical grid expertise
Developing utility scale projects from origination to energisation
Optimisation & enhancement
Operations & Maintenance
Investment & corporate financing
Due diligence & investor assistance

Amberside Energy is part of a wider group and can draw on an ICAEW accredited accounting business, an FCA accredited fund management business and one of the UK’s leading project finance consultancies where necessary to give our clients the best advice and service. For all of these reasons and Amberside Energy’s unique way of getting ‘under the bonnet’ of a plant, more and more investors are asking us to look after their assets and make a difference to their bottom line.


Our people

The Amberside Energy team has been hand-picked to provide services to investors. From technical support to due diligence and asset management to project development, we've ensured that we are heavy on experience and ability and lean on headcount - making us agile, flexible and a real asset to any project or work stream.

Marc Scambler


Marc is the technical lead at Amberside Energy, bringing both a military electronic engineering and a project developer background to our work.


+44 (0) 330 2210 626


Anthony Middleton


Anthony is the commercial lead at Amberside Energy, bringing a financial services and project development skillset to the core team.


+44 (0) 330 2210 626


David Scrivens


David is the financial lead at Amberside Energy, bringing an accountancy, project finance and financial modelling background to the business.


+44 (0) 330 2210 626


Lucy Ashford


Lucy is the central hub of our business running our back office operation, also bringing an energy project development background to bear.


+44 (0) 330 2210 626



Our work

Amberside Energy concentrates on four main areas of activity, all of which are designed with the investor in mind:

Asset management

Our technical, commercial and financial skillsets come together when providing asset management for fund managers. The ability to dive into an energy generation asset down to component level and then analyse the opportunities that exist to increase performance means we are confident in our ability to optimise performance. Our stance is proactive rather than reactive when dealing with assets or clients and we find that our ability to translate complex technical issues into simple commercial solutions makes for efficient and productive client relationships.

Transaction support

Amberside Energy are set up to support investors through the sale process of energy generation assets. We help either defend a ‘chip’ in price when working with sellers or help buyers realise a lower price by finding areas which have been missed throughout the due diligence process. Working in harmony with the client legal team and TA, our team provides real commercial value and cleans documents and data as we go along, ensuring that the asset is clean and well documented by the time we finish.

Project development

The Amberside Energy team have vast experience developing projects from origination to sale of operating assets. We have built systems from residential to utility scale across both ground mounted and roof mounted applications. Our grid-led approach to project development combined with our technical knowledge means we can confidently offer a modular project development service whether you required just grid or site sourcing, full planning or the construction element. We’re happy to take on as much or as little as a client needs to enable their project to reach a successful outcome.

Technical & commercial support

Our team is able to offer complete technical and commercial support to existing fund or asset managers that want to understand the real performance of their plants. We conduct a full thermographic and electrical assessment of the plant combined with a deep data dive and present our results back showing our opinion of past data reports, any underlying underperformance and a root cause analysis of any issues. From this point we suggest options to address any issues and provide an ROI for the work required based on the cost of that work and projected uplift as a result.


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