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We are Amberside Energy

Amberside Energy are commercially driven asset optimisers, supporting investors in buying, selling and managing renewable energy assets.

We’re entrepreneurial project developers in our own right, so we focus on how assets work and the commercial impact of each moving part.

We’re also unashamed energy geeks, we love to get stuck into the detail of a build, the asset’s performance and the complexities of how it interacts with the grid. We can lean on the experience of having built energy generation systems from residential to utility scale since 2009.

Our electrical expertise and grid-led approach to business means we place the single most important factor at the centre of our work – the connection.

Technology and application agnostic, Amberside Energy considers each asset and the associated grid connection on its own merits and looks for the positive and potential negative value of each individual component within that asset’s build.

Our team brings a powerful mix of skills to assist investors in realising every drop of income from their portfolio, offering exceptional clarity to the available data and a steady hand to the physical running of the assets.

Asset Management

Our technical, commercial and financial skillsets come together when providing asset management for fund managers.

Our stance is proactive rather than reactive, and the ability to dive into an energy generation asset down to component level and then analyse the opportunities that exist to increase yield, means we are confident in our ability to optimise asset performance.

Investor Support

Amberside Energy are set up to support investors through the sale process of energy generation assets.

Working in harmony with the client legal team and Technical Assessor, our team provides real commercial and technical value. We clean documents and data as we go along, ensuring the asset has a complete paperwork trail by the time we finish.